i was there


Coachella 2010. Day Two

INDIO, California

Friday night’s headliner, Jay Z, left big shoes to follow for Saturday’s lineup. “It’s not often a da one headliner stays and hangs out for the rest of the weekend”. Jay Z intended to prove this wrong. He was spotted all weekend long catching performances from actress/singer/songwriter Zooey Deschanel’s band She & Him. Jay Z was also seen catching the performance of British band XX and Ra Ra Riot.

After an almost 10 year hiatus from the music scene, Faith No More reunited to perform Saturday night in front of 30,000 screaming fans. Other notable acts for Saturday included Muse, Tiesto, MGMT, David Guetta, the Dead Weather, Hot Chip, reunion act Devo, Major Lazer, the XX, and Les Claypool.

Photos by Brian Moghadam